Sentai Girl Power

Actually there has also been "girl power" in Super Sentai. While the series started with only one female to work as the brains, later Super Sentai series started to add more than one female. One may be different than the other but they work together.

Here are the female duos of Super Sentai:

Chodenshi Bioman began the classic yellow and pink team up. Mika Koizumi and Hikaru Katsuragi began as a team. When Mika Koizumi died, Jun Yabuki took over as Hikaru Katsuragi's new constant companion. Both Mika Koizumi and Jun Yabuki were the tough girls of the team.

Chageman had Sakaya Nagisa and Mai Tsubasa who could go into air and spin back to back. It was in here that Mai Tsubasa was portrayed as a tougher than usual pink ranger.

Flashman had Sara and Lou who were once looked down by the male members. Sara is the smart one instead of being tough while Lou did most of the dirty work, resulting to their rivalry with Ley Nefel.

Haruka and Momoko were best friends too. The two are con artists at best. Haruka is the tough one (she's very boyish) and Momoko is less tough and more feminine but can be a prickly rose if need be.

The first sibling female duo was in Fiveman's Remi and Kasumi Hoshikawa. Remi was skilled in martial arts. Kasumi was the brain. They rivaled Dordora and Zaza.

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Jetman however had the white and blue team up which was a deviation in the persons of Kaori Rokumeikan and Ako Hayasaka. Ako Hayasaka although she acted like a little girl but she was more skilled than Kaori Rokumeikan.

We had Juri Nijou and Momo of Ohranger Marou who are the modern alternative to Jun Yabuki and Hikaru Katsuragi in Bioman.

We have Natsumi Shinohara and Youko Yagami in Carranger. They both were the lady racers. However Natsumi Shinohara reminds me too much of Shunsuke Hino from Turboranger even if she's a female yellow ranger and he was a male.

You have Chisato Jougusaki and Miku Imamura which they were probably inspired by MMPR's teenage female duo.

Dekaranger had Jasmine Reimon and Umeko Kodou. The two kind of brought back classic memories of older sentai. Some consider this the hottest female duo. Umeko was kind of sneaky but not as smart as Jasmine though.

Magiranger had Urara and Houka as the next sibling duo after Fiveman. Sadly no tougher female.

Boukenger had Natsuki Mamiya and Sakura Nishiboshi. They later had their own gun act too. Sakura Nishihori is a tough pink ranger and Natsuki Mamiya is the bubbly one although in suit, she is physically stronger.

Go-onger's didn't start at the series proper until Miu Sato who was a serious type of lady joined in the team and she became allies with Saki Rouyama who was a sweet girl.

Lately we have Mako Shiraishi and Kotoha Hanaori as the latest female duo. They seem to bring back older memories (well almost all do). Kotoha Hanaori is the cute type. Mako Shiraishi is a skilled fighter but with a very feminine side save her cooking.

Both Eri and Moune are feminine. Neither is tougher than the other. Both are the cute duo though I prefer Moune. Eri's really that stupid.

Luka and Ahim are both a tomboy and girly girl team. Ahim is tough but feminine. Luka is boyish and tough at the same time.

Amy started off as the lone female member of the Kyoryugers. Yayoi became the seventh member of the Kyoryugers.

Mio and Kagura exists as the girl team in ToQGer. I felt that Yasuko Kobayashi no longer knew how to handle them like she did with Mako and Kotoha.

Kasumi and Fuuka are both cousins who serve as the girl team in Ninninger. Kasumi's the scientist and Fuuka is the only logical person of the clan.

Zyuohger's girl team are Sela and Amu. So far, they're just okay but nothing special. One's a shark and the other's a tiger.

Updated: February 1, 2017


  1. well, how about kotoha and mako, yumi and saki?

  2. What about the two girls from Go-onger, Go-on Yellow and Go-on Silver?

    I just recently got to their big "girl power" episode. They really played up the scared girl act, but they also threw in some good tricks on the enemy.

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