Sentai Pistols

Super Sentai later had pistols in the addition. There were no guns for them until...
The first rangers to use guns were the Biomen which also had a sword and short sword mode.
Blue Turbo's special weapon was the J Gun which can be combined with the Turbo Laser (the same type of guns for everyone) into the amazing rifle. Later, Deka Red also had that same type of weapon.
The Jetmen had two sets of guns which can combine into the Smashbomber Rifle which was temporarily used when the Jet Striker was temporarily unavailable during the fight with Glue Cockroach (who glued its wheels).

Some of the later Super Sentai didn't have guns. They were Timeranger, Gaoranger and Magiranger. The Timerangers instead used giant cannons which they put together like in Flashman. The Gaorangers had no projectile based weapons either. Same for Magiranger too.