Sentai Swords

If there's been any cliche weapon in Super Sentai it's the sword. Most super sentai shows always had swords just as in the past, Kamen Riders used rider kicks. I'll only feature the significant swords. I believe swords are used frequently because of their significance to Japanese culture as well as in battle.
The Super Sentai genre first only had swords for the robot. Battle Fever J only had a sword for Battle France (trademarked) and the robot Battle Fever Robo used a samurai. Every primary robot used a sword to defeat the enemy. Denziman characters used NO sword.
The Goggle V team were the first to use swords but they were rather short ones.
Dynaman had the red ranger wield a different type of sword. The red ranger uses the default sword as well as his own special sword. Other red rangers who did were Red Mask, Live Falcon, Red Turbo, Five Red, Ryu Ranger, Oh Red and Red Racer.
The Biomen started having long swords. However they started in gun mode and they also had a short sword mode- a concept later reused in Zyuranger and Boukenger.
Instead of a sword and gun in one, the Jetmen combined their swords and guns to make a more powerful rifle.
Dairanger had a talking sword for the Kibaranger. It may the be the last.
Each Timeranger had two swords- a long one and a short one.
The Gaorangers had the shortest default swords in history. Gao Yellow instead of Gao Red was the swordsman of the group holding a MUCH longer sword than the rest of the group. Quite a big deviation but it was popular nonetheless.
Hurricanger takes swords to becoming a rife at the same time when the scabbards are on.
Dekamaster's Sword is just awesome. While Ibuki of Changeman used a gun, Dekamaster used a sword more often. None of the Dekarangers used swords in their default arsenal.
Go-onger's Go-On Red's Road Saber is the most unusually shaped sword ever.
As of late, the Shinkengers possess the most awesome swords ever as they transform into their great individual weapons.