Shaddam's Ambition Knew No Bounds

Shaddam, one of the most interesting villains in sentai history. What was his purpose really? The fact is he is the head of the Gorma Triumvirate who had long planned to overthrow his master the Gorma Emperor from the Chamber of Command. He was in fact a scheming and manipulative villain who would do anything to conquer the world and shape it as he saw it.  He was also pretty much sadistic that nothing meant to him except power to the point he would harm anyone including his own family to achieve his goals.

His battle with the Dairangers was certainly falling out of favor especially when the Gorma Emperor returned in episode 20 displeased by their performance. However cunning as he was, he was able to appease his emperor's wrath and the Emperor chose him to carry out the task to make sure that the Won Tiger would never be conceived over the latter's right hand man, Tenpou.

 It was also discovered that he by a Daos woman (acted by yours truly Mikoko Miki who acted as Jetman's Aya Odagiri) he had twins sons Kou (Kibaranger) and Akomaru. Akomaru was then sought as one of the Gorma Emperor's highly led officers. He was also assigned to try and get his son but some form of baptism purified Kou from his Gorma lineage much to his frustration.  What was pretty crazy about this guy was that he never cared about his wife, nor their two sons and he would even kill his son Akomaru out of his annoyance.  In short, he's got a very short temper combined with his lust for power.  Seriously he's such a hateful father, makes me think other jerk fathers aren't as bad as he is.  Well I'd say he's even worse than Emperor Aton as a bad father.

His frustrations only increased when he realized that the Gorma Emperor held the thing he sought for- the Earthshaking crystal which would make him next in line to the Gorma throne- something he had long sought for. During the Daijinryuu Crisis, he was forced to swallow his pride otherwise he'd have nothing to conquer later. He himself had his own plans. Eventually it was revealed he created clay bodies for some dead Gorma members as well as a clone of Gara which he used to distract everyone.

During his battle with Master Kaku, he won and managed to dispose of Zydos and Gara as he sought to permanently secure his power.  While Kaku sought to get all the power to get rid of him, he found out Kaku planned to cheat through (well it does even the odds considering he's a dirty cheat himself) so he got rid of the two energy towers Kaku needed and won.  He led the mutiny which soon the emperor discovered and the two fought a long and serious war to which he won. He also disposed of the Emperor's guards and got the crystal for himself. The emperor out of power was finally killed and the clay body decayed. He gained the power he long sought for and battled the Dairangers to the last in a final battle.

However his overdose of power began to have its side effects as he went incredibly insane in the final battle. The Dairanger using their jewels countered the crystal and worse, Daijinryuu entered and wrecked his palace. He reverted back to his previous form after the Dairangers sacrificed their powers and the Earthshaking crystal went along with it in order to stop the cycle of war between Daos and Gorma.  Eventually he and Ryou both settled their rivalry one on one while the Gorma Palace was about to crumble with the latter defeating him.  While he was stabbed by his own knife, he turned back into a clay puppet crumbling into dust.  Apparently he had used a clay body to cheat death but only this time, without any more spare bodies, he had been permanently destroyed.


  1. Shaddam is without a doubt, one of sentai's most dangerous and most evil villains.

  2. He is really a great villain. Persistent, he fought to the end. Some villains need learn it and follow his steps, if they want to defeat our Sentai heroes.
    Shaddam is played by the great and beautiful Rintaro Nishi.


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