Super Sentai Drama

Super Sentai is seemingly kept alive by intense drama. For better or for worse... super sentai has its dramatic moments... even for comedy series like Go-onger and Carranger.

These are some of the types of drama that entered into super sentai:
There's sentai rivalry between members. Maskman had it with Black Mask and Red Mask. However the most popular before was that of Red Hawk and Black Condor. The element kind of stirred things up for the better especially for Dekaranger in the persons of Deka Red and Deka Blue and Bouken Red and Bouken Black in Boukenger.

Our heroes do have weaknesses too which they must overcome... my favorite picture of this would be the past of Bouken Black in Boukenger which haunts him even more than it does with Black Condor in Jetman. Besides even Gao Silver once foolishly wore the wolf mask of Loki and became a vessel for evil but his true goodness conquered it.

There are some sentai series that feature a weird love story and Maskman was the first. Maskman had the whole series revolving around Red Mask and Ial but there was also the tragedies of Pink Mask and Black Mask too (but I hardly him tragic because he had many admirers). The worst case scenario had to be Red Hawk's falling away with Rie Aoi. Carranger despite being a lighter sentai series had a serious side when Red Racer and Zonette fall in love.

Teamwork is put to the test the most in Jetman but I'd like to mention Dekaranger too. They all had their ideals and eventually they put it aside after the most severe trials happened.

Making a LOT of tough decisions even if it means going against personal matters like family and friends. I think Deka Blue of Dekaranger is too much of a tragic victim I actually sympathize him (I can relate to him somehow) with how he had to delete his best friend Jeanio or even the brother of his lover Theresa.

A path to redemption- Burai goes from the side of evil to the side of good.

Sometimes a willing sacrifice is necessary to save others. Some super sentai heroes died in the process for that. The most infamous as to be Mika Koizumi's sacrifice to save the others from the Bio Killer Gun, an incident Peebo later recalls.

Even popular heroes die someday. Burai though as popular as he was remained dead as script writers wanted to show the reality of life. Sentai always tries to separate fiction from reality.

Ironies are a reality like the death of Time Fire at the hands of a Zenitto. Though it seems corny but things like those can happen even to the greatest of men. There's not much time to discuss about it.

Revenge is a path that leads nowhere because they're fighting for justice, not revenge and the villains get the death penalty because they've DONE TOO MUCH HARM and not for personal gain. Most super sentai heroes may succeed in vengeance but realize they've just given into the darkness. Some famous examples are how Red Hawk taking justice aside for revenge clouded his mind or how Bouken Black though he defeated Yaiba was felt with too much guilt.

Some villains have tragedies which they try to use to justify their evil deeds. They have sought to join evil instead of light. I think Ryuon is probably the best example of such a tragedy.

Even villains do share a love story. My favorite villain couple would be Griforther and Lami of Zyuranger as well as Zimba and Jarmin in Turboranger. Some theoretical couples would be Mason and Farrah in Bioman while Monster has a crush on Farrah which she resents.

Some villains are not really evil... like Yamimaru and Kirika. Probably the most infamous not really evil villain could be Princess Igam in Maskman who discovered she wasn't really evil.