Super Sentai: For Better, For Worse

The fact is Super Sentai is one Toei show that is for better or for worse. Just to think of it that Kamen Rider ceased operations for 11 years and there are no new Metal Heroes as of late. Somehow, Super Sentai didn't have any freeze period of as of yet. For better, for worse...

My only theory is that aside from just popularity (Kamen Rider was popular but due to the death of Shotarou Ishinomori I assume they ran out of ideas so they ended up focusing too much on Super Sentai afterwards) they kept trying to become better.

Each era tried to develop the plot, the mecha, fights, the music, wtf moments and some of the greatest awesometicities that kept the series going strong rather than being redundant and send a strong message.

However classic elements such as a delinquent turned hero ranger, a discouraged ranger, a prodigal ranger (they seem to turn evil but haven't, true goodness can't be corrupted for long) and even dramatic elements like love stories still go on, some even cliche but still well-loved like inter-team romances for the regular teams (since some sentai are family force).

Should I mention that the actors are not found out of gamble? Actually some super sentai actors as of late are better actors and some maybe not as good as older ones still develop a good performance. I assume that older sentai actors like Hiroshi Miyauchi and Kenji Ohba must have trained the youngsters.

As of late, Shinkenger seems to be "too Japanese" as well compared to the other shows in the past but I hope it doesn't crash down. Most of the fans of Super Sentai think it's awesome but for me, well it's good but it's not awesome.