Super Sentai Humor

Actually I think one of the things that kept 2000s sentai going is trying to carry over traditional Japanese humor (some can be crude). Besides WTF moments (I'd like to change the meaning to what's that funny) make every Super Sentai series classic.

Here are some typical humor elements that happen and keep sentai going:
You'll hit the wrong side of the fence. Many gags do happen to the red ranger. The most infamous has to be Red Hawk falling into the girls' area and he gets framed while Black Condor and Yellow Owl giggle about it.

You've got a lot of idiotic villains with the brain of a starfish that can't understand simple instructions. While they annoyed their superiors, they entertained the audience. Nobody can forget them getting punished by their superiors a couple of times. Bukback from Zyuranger was probably the dumbest villain in sentai history- at least Zulten from Turboranger could aim properly!

Some villains do have a funny side and my favorite has to be Witch Bandora. She entertained the audience with her funny antics like getting headaches, her rather funny schemes and not to mention the song she sings entitled "Dora! Song of the Witch Bandora!"

Some crazy get-ups do happen depending on the scenario most of them in battle. While pink rangers knew how to dress up decently, something is wrong with some get-ups for example like obviously stage props like western and samurai outfits, a rather obvious fake wig or even most recently Bouken Red's lucky mode outfit made the audience laugh so hard.

There are obviously fake tears like Bouken Red supposedly crying.

And not to mention, weird facial expressions do happen to. Whether it was older sentai or today's sentai, you can't escape that fact. Carranger was probably the most famous for it.


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