Super Sentai Soundtrack

Actually I think Sentai soundtrack is really something that keeps Super Sentai going. How is it done? Well here's how I think it is being kept fresh for old and new fans alike.

For example, keeping the pace with the era. However it's not always the case because some newer sentai soundtrack may remind some fans of older sentai soundtrack to a certain extent- but both are great according to their own respect.

The fact is sentai soundtrack tries to incorporate a different song or instrumental for a different scenario delivering the specific feeling be it love, hate, jealousy, fear, excitement... you got it.

The lyrics do count aside from just tunes. Why? Good lyrics develop a good song. Without the right words, the whole series won't get the attention of audiences. Whether J-Pop or even J-Rock, each one tries to deliver a certain flavor to keep it fresh even if the next one isn't as good as the last.


  1. I think this is a really awesome thing to point out. A lot of sentai songs and bgms (background music) have been just plain amazing. Not to mention diverse and never out of date. Like, I can see Bioman music being played in Shinkenger. :)

    just curious. would you be making posts for each of the songs/bgms/collections per season?


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