Unexplored Potentials Fulfilled in 2000s Sentai

Here are a few sentai series I believe brought life to some unexplored potentials in the sentai genre:
Hurricanger I believe is 10x better than Liveman. It has brought a more intense plot, better mecha and not to mention a much better final battle than Liveman had to offer. Also, it explored the relations of the members more complex than ever.
Dekaranger has brought JAKQ's unfulfilled potential of a longer running crime-based sentai series. Though it rarely has parallelisms because there were no field commanders, only hired hands to destroy the Dekarangers, the plot in itself is darker than JAKQ. Who can forget the tragedies that hit Hoji Tomasu having to do what he had to do leaving plenty of hurt within himself?
Magiranger for me has fulfilled what Fiveman couldn't- a full family in the final battle. Now even papa and mama have fighting powers added with a brother-in-law. It explores the family side even more than Fiveman did.
Boukenger in itself has been a series that I believe brought most of Jetman's unfulfilled potentials to life. While Jetman tried and failed (but it was still a successful series) to bring multiple factions to a higher extent, here it happened especially I think the Ashu bring what could have been Ramu and Gogu if they stayed longer in Jetman, a darker black ranger in Inou Masumi more likely a personality based from Guy, the relationship between Inou Masumi and Natsuki Mamiya to what Guy Yuki and Ako Hayasaka could have been in Jetman and probably to the side of what if Jetman had a sixth member.


  1. Sorry but ithink that Hurricanger is hurricanger is inferior than liveman


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