Alternative to Bikes and Jeeps

Super Sentai in the later parts ended up taking an alternative to motorbikes and jeeps for some reason. I think it was to be more creative with the vehicles to avoid boring the audiences. These were:
Maskman first introduced the concept of a buggy instead of a bike or a jeep but the rest had bikes.

Turboranger's Red Turbo had a bike but also a buggy. This came to inspire Carranger later.

The Jet Striker could become a cannon called the Fire Bazooka to defeat the enemy. They also had a jeep with them too.

Carranger took a more automobile themed sentai than Turboranger did. While only Red Turbo used a go-kart, in Carranger, everybody else did although I still like Turboranger better. Still, Carranger is still worth mentioning.

The first five Megarangers only used these skiing boards called Cyber Sliders that fly in the air.

The Gingamen owned horses that could outrun modern vehicles. Truly a magnificent scientific breakthrough.

The Timerangers used the Time Glider. Sadly they didn't have separate vehicles to split up. But this was kind of cool.

The Gaorangers save Gao Silver only relied on their unusual speed to outrun vehicles on the road like the wild animals.

The Hurricangers outbeat Kakuranger in this area- the first three members used Wing Gliders.

The Abarangers used these raptors as these traveling vehicles. Hmmm too bad the Zyurangers never had these! I think they are the coolest alternate vehicles in history.

The Magirangers used the brooms. Quite funny but appropriate if you ask me. (Inserted as of December 27, 2010)

The Boukengers had to be the most odd to use their "zords" also as their alternative to jeeps and bikes. I wonder if they keep paying insurance?

The Gekirangers used their bodies like the Gaorangers.

The Shinkengers apparently use running at fast speed and sometimes Takeru's horse as their alternative. (Correction done as of July 8, 2009)

The Goseigers just teleported here and there. (Inserted as of December 27, 2010)


  1. The Shinkengers don't use teleportation. Takeru used a Mojikara created horse to get into battle in the first episode. And most of the time you see the Rangers running up to face the monster.

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  2. how bout the brooms of Magiranger? i really like that series ^^,


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