Did Battle Fever J Inspire PR's Multi-Racial Teams?

The theme of the first super robot sentai was this "Different nations, one force." The concept was kind of something like red was Japan (the red sun), France was blue (a common color for the french), Cossack was a darker shade of yellow (the color of the hammer-sickle), Kenya was black (African-black people get it?) and Miss America was pink. However they were all Japanese as far as we're concerned.

The fact is hypothetically Haim Saban decided to go multi-racial rather than focus on just Americans in doing Power Rangers which he was said to have wanted to start with Turboranger and later Jetman. Maybe he was a big fan of Battle Fever J before he decided to adapt Super Sentai for the American audience. If I'm not wrong he actually did dub Turboranger for the U.S. market but found he needed to "adapt" and so did Toei to penetrate the American market.

The downside of Super Sentai was this: it was very hard to build a multi-racial team due to language barriers. Also Japan is less diverse in culture than America is.

The following were not pure Japanese:
Peggy Matsumaya of Goranger is half-Swiss
(but she doesn't look like it)- Sentai's first pink ranger
Karen Mizuki of JAKQ is played by a real Eurasian actress
named Margaret Love
Lin/Phoenix Ranger's father was Chinese,
her mother was Japanese.
Jiraya of Kakuranger is half-American presumably
mother side.


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