An Older Kenta Satou Picture

To Terra Pink this is the best I can offer... an older Kenta Satou picture. I wonder if he's married and to whom? Honestly it's too bad it's hard to find info on him lately. I was kind of wondering if his martial arts skills are still sharp enough?


  1. Thank you for this picture! :) LOL. I saw this video in Youtube. It's cute how he is still wearing his "Riki Honoo" costume, complete with the gloves and brace. :) I just hope he and Noriko Kinohara (Haruna) ended up together in real life. :P

  2. I'm actually surprised that he doesn't really different from his young age, but it really suits him ^_^

    By the way, could you share a picture of Asakura Keiya (Blue Turbo) if you had one? =)
    I'm a big fan of him, but it's so difficult to find his recent picture.
    I saw once his interview with Junichiro Katagiri (Yellow Turbo) on Youtube, but I forgot to bookmark the page and I can't find it anymore now. I remember that Asakura Keiya is married now as he showed his wedding ring during the interview...

  3. Its really amazing, how he didn't seem to age. He still look so young. In a youtube video (2004 super sentai spirits) where he sang the kousoku sentai turborangers theme again, he was sort of teary-eyed in the end of the song (after shouting, red turbo!). I find it really touching and sweet. The series must have meant a lot to him.

    And speaking of cast members ending up together,Ryohei Kobayashi (FiveBlack/Fumiya) and Keiko Hayase (FiveYellow/Remi) married after the series. (Source:

  4. how about fumiyaki ganaha aka daichi/black turbo? any updates on him?


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