Same Celebrity, Different Characters for Super Sentai

Super Sentai got filled with some characters that were played by the same celebrity. For example we have: (This is as far as I can remember)
The late Soga Machiko in Super Sentai was notorious most of the time for villainous roles. She was Queen Hedrian in Denziman and Sun Vulcan (whether the two are separate characters are debatable) and she was most popularly known as the evil sorceress Bandora of Zyuranger. She also guest starred in Maskman episode 30 as Raraba, Baraba's mother and in Magiranger as Magiel.

Hirohisa Nakata appeared in Denziman as a vampire monster who tried to seduce Denzi Pink later appeared as the fearsome Mason of the Big Three in Bioman.

Kenji Ohba who is mostly Gavan to the rest of tokusatsu viewers also played as Denzi Blue in Denziman, Battle Kenya in Battle Fever J and he guest appeared in Hurricanger and also in Gekiranger as Jan's father.

Hiroshi Miyauchi was not only known for his role as Kamen Rider V3 in the Kamen Rider franchise but he was also Blue Ranger in Goranger, Big One in JAKQ and Chief Miura in Ohranger.
Mashi Ishibashi played as the villainous Iron Claw in JAKQ, as General Hedder in Battle Fever J, as General Kar in Dynaman and also as Dr. Rehda in Turboranger who got written out when he left the set for some reason.

Hidenori Iura who played as Comboyputer 1 in Goggle V later played as the Black Prince the fake son of Doctorman and later Shinichi Kageyama, the real son of Doctorman.

Junichi Haruta played as the black rangers of both Goggle V and Dynaman under different names.He would later appear in Kyoryuger as Souji's father.

Sayoko Hagiwara was Dyna Pink in Dynaman and later Nefer in Flashman. She would later appear in Kyoryuger as Souji's mother.

Strong Kongou first appeared as a guest in Dynaman as a good android and later appeared full-time as the extremely dumb villain Monster in Bioman.

The late Munemaru Kouda who played as Bioman's main villain Dr. Man later appeared in Dairanger episode 20 up to 50 as the ever sadistic Gorma Emperor.

Haruki Hamada who played Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon later appeared in Jetman episode 38 as a friend of Ryu Tendo. Strange that both are red rangers.

Joji Nakata appeared as both Sir Kaura in Flashman and Dr. Bias in Liveman.

Akiku Kurusu who played Dr. Mazenda in Liveman also played Gara in Dairanger (actually three Garas, the redeemed Gara who is the REAL Gara, the clone Gara and Wraith Gara). She appeared as Keris in Ohranger and as Zeen in the Dekaranger movie.

Ryohei Kobayashi who originally played Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue later reappeared in Ohranger as a deceased pilot, paying tribute to Maskman's deceased test pilot for the Galaxy Robo.

Sayuri Uchida appeared as a guest star in Turboranger, later appeared in Jetman as the regular Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow and in Gaoranger as a receptionist.

Shiro Izumi played as Yuuta/Change Pegasus in Changeman and later as Burai/Dragon Ranger in Zyuranger. Ironically even if his character in Zyuranger was his icon, that character was killed off. We'll never know what reasons did he leave the set for thus apparently forcing the writers to kill him off. He also had a cameo appearance in Kakuranger.

Kihachiro Uemara played as Dai/Green Flash in Flashman. He later played the villainous Chevalier in Fiveman.

Keiko Hayase was a guest star in Turboranger as the sister of Misa Yamaguchi strangely named Mika. She was also Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow in Fiveman and later as one of the Hana Rangers in Kakuranger namely Sakura.

Takumi Hirose is probably the baddass one. He was Ley Wanda in Flashman, Dr. Kempu in Flashman which both characters run longer than maybe his iconic character Emperor Tranza of Jetman who only appeared middle of the series. He lastly was seen in Dairanger as Demon Boxer Jin.

Yasahiro Ishiwata was Ban/Blue Flash in Flashman and he guest starred in Maskman as Gorin Dobler's human form and in Jetman as Kanna's fiance Rei who also got killed off.

Ryosuke Umezo after playing Takeru/Red Mask, he also appeared as Five Pink's one-time lover in Fiveman 22 and also took his role as a Gorma monster in Dairanger episode 34 probably to honor the Maskman episode of Pink Mask's unfortunate incident. All three played the role of a tragic lover. He also appeared in the first episode of Ohranger, too bad he wasn't their commander because it would've been cool.  In Flashman he appeared in episode 27.

Kanako Maeda after being Momoko/Pink Mask also had a guest appearance as Kanna in Jetman where her character died.

Fujita Okamoto acted as Dr. Dazai in Turboranger and later as Wateru Asami, Time Red's father in Timeranger.

Tomite Naruse after Jetman also became an add-on regular in Dairanger as Daimugen's human form.

She made a guest appearance in Turboranger and later acted as a regular in Jetman as Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow. She also appeared in Gaoranger as a guest character who helped the Wedding Dress Org to stay young.

Rika Kishida was Kaori/White Swan in Jetman. She later appeared in Kakuranger as a rather comical reporter.

Mikiko Miki who played the regular Commander Aya Odagiri in Jetman was also the mother of Kou and Akomaru in Dairanger.  Her character died in Dairanger.

Mirai Kuga who played as Tran in Jetman until episode 36 also appeared as Bandora's son Kai in Zyuranger. His character died in Zyuranger at the end of the series.

Hideki Fujiwara appeared as Dan and Dan. His guest character that appeared was the company of Rei and Kanna who was named Dan who died with them. In Zyuranger the succeeding series, he was also Dan!

Yuta Mochizuki guest starred in Jetman as the leader of the Neo-Jetmen and later as Tyrano Ranger of Zyuranger.

Ami Kawaii first appeared in Sentai as Lami in Zyuranger and later as Amikiri in Kakuranger.

Hisashi Sakai first appeared as the younger Burai in Zyuranger during the flashback and later as Kou/Kibaranger in Dairanger. Maybe this gave the reason why Saban merged both characters for the American adaptation.

Maroshi Tamura who played as Zydos in Dairanger also appeared as Brandel in the Dekaranger movie.

Teruaki Ogawa played as Sasuke/Ninja Red and later as Hyuuga/BullBlack in Gingaman.

Masaya Matsukake who played Shun Nanami/Mega Blue had a guest appearance in Shinkenger as Kaoru Shiba's father.

Keisuke Tsuhiya who was previously Kazu/Kirinranger and Eri Tanaka who played Chisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow became Natsuki's parents. A family of yellow rangers.

Mike Maki who played as Mondo Tatsumi in Gogo V later appeared as Magi in Boukenger from episodes 15-16.

Mika Kikuchi who appeared as Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink in Dekaranger later appeared in the Go-onger movie as another character.

Yasuhiro Imai appeared as Kai in Gaoranger and guest starred in Boukenger as Raja an Atlantean changed into a dragon-like being by Ryuon.

More coming soon... need comments to improve... can't remember them all.

Updated as of: March 22, 2010


  1. It's me again, rhai. I'm signing with my google account. i just love your blog, really! :) FYI: I read somewhere that Maskman's Kanako Maeda had a bit role in an early 90's Jdorama called "Tokyo Love Story".

  2. wow. i never thought that there were so many sentai stars who guested in an episode or more for other series. did you watch all the sentais? :) i love your blog also! hahaha. keep on updating!

  3. Yeah. I forgot to mention. I love your blogs too! :)

    The person that played Sir Kaura in Flashman also played Bias in Liveman.

    PS: It was thanks to your blogs, that I fell in love with Boukenger. Thanks. ;)

  4. I have to ask, what makes you think Shiro Izumi forced the writers to kill his character, or that he wanted to leave?

    It seem, from his first appearence, that a clock for Burai's death was set. It sounds like they where always intending to kill him. Plus this was before they reguarly had a 6th member, so having him stick around for the whole series wasn't a mandate.

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  5. Eri Tanaka played Chisato/Megayellow in Megaranger, as well as Natsuki's mother in Boukenger (I heard about this somewhere).

    Masashi Gouda played Oh-blue in Ohranger and recently play as the former Shinken Red in Shinkenger movie (the faithful War).

    Mika Kikuchi, who played Deka pink also had a role in Go-onger the movie.

  6. You forget about Teruaki Ogawa. He played roles in Kauranger / NinjaRed and Gingaman / BullBlack

  7. I like very much your blog.

    Some other actors:

    Akiko Kurusu, who played Dr. Mazenda in Liveman, also played Lt. Colonel Gara in Dairanger, Keris in Ohranger and Zeen in Dekaranger Movie.

    Maroshi Tamura was Dora Franke in Zyuranger, Major Zydos in Dairanger and Brandel in Dekaranger Movie.

    Ami Kawai was Lamy in Zyuranger and Amikiri in Kakuranger.

    And Rintaro Nishi, Lt. Colonel Shadam in Dairanger, is the Dokoku's voice in Shinkenger.

    Congratulations for the blog.

  8. Thanks Maia1995. By the way I'm inviting you to follow this blog.

  9. I think you forgot the mention that in Kakuranger, it's not just Ami Kawai who makes a cameo. Reiko Chiba (Mei) also makes a cameo in episode 25, as a character named 'Reika'. Interesting that they take some parts from her name to make the character's name...

  10. Sasuke/Hyuuga's actor also was on a recent episode of Goseiger, along with Tsuhirime (pardon my spelling)'s actress, playing, interestingly enough, husband and wife.

    Daiyellow and Megayellow played Natsuki's parents in Boukenger.

    The handsome Megablue appears time and time again in Sentai. He was one of shurikenger's human disguises (a teen idol, whose form Shurikenger assumed), played Kaoru's father in Shinkenger in the last few episodes, and did one of the voices, along with Denjigreen's actor, of the two henchmen in the Go-onger movie.

    Midoranger/Battle Kossack I are the same actor.

    Yellow Flash appeared in an episode of Changeman.

    Daisuke Ban (Battle Cossack II), amongst others, appeared in the first two episodes of Liveman as the head professor of the Academy. He then dies saving a pregnant woman's life, inspiring our heroes in his last few minutes. You can find him now in The Ring films.

    I'm hoping the actress who played Dynapink/Ley Nefel will return again. She's one of my favorites. Along with Takumi Hirose, although he doesn't like the way sentai has gone these days, along with Daisuke Ban. Oh and Junichi Haruta, along with Hiroshi--I want to see more of them. I bet the actress who played Miki Momozono retired, but is secretly doing something awesome, like being a secret agent and kicking butt. That's why you can never find her.

  11. Sentai Actors who had appearances on other programs besides super sentai and actors from other genre of tokusatsu who had guest appearances on super sentai:

    Kenta Satou(Red Turbo): acted as Kotaro Minami's childhood friend in Kamen Rider Black RX.

    Naoto Ota(Green 2), and Junichiro Katagiri(Yellow Turbo): acted as comical policemen in Tokusou Robo Janperson.

    Kenji Ohba(Battle Kenya, Denji Blue and Space Sheriff Gavan):had guest appearances on Choujinki Metalder and Kamen Rider Black RX.

    Kotaro Tanaka(Red Hawk):had a guest appearance in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman as a drunken policeman.

    Rika Kishida(White Swan):had a guest appearance in Tokusou Robo Janperson as a doctor.

    Hiroko Nishimoto(Change Mermaid):had a guest appearance in Kamen Rider Black as an astronaut abducted by Gorgom.

    Kazuoki Takahashi(Change Griffin):acted as Hakko Kita in Choujinki Metalder and George Makabe/Jinpak in Tokusou Robo Janperson.

    Ryosuke Sakamoto(Red 1):had guest appearances on Kamen Rider Black, Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain and Tokusou Robo Janperson.

    Sumiko Tanaka(Yellow 4 2nd):had a guest appearance in Choujinki Metalder.

    Yuki Yajima(Yellow 4 1st):acted as Bell Helen in Uchuu Keiji Sharivan.

    Hikaru Kurosaki(Great Beast Investigator Juspion):had a guest appearance in Choudenshi Bioman as a Bioman wannabe.

    Mina Asami(Princess Ial/Prince Igam):had a guest appearance in Choushinsei Flashman as the human form of a certain monster.

    Hiroshi Watari(Space Sheriff Sharivan and Dimensional Warrior Spielvan):acted as Eiji Takaoka(Bouken Silver)'s father in Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger.

    Hiroshi Tsuburaya(Space Sheriff Shaider):acted as Kai Shamezu(Gao Blue)'s father in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

    Naomi Morinaga(Annie and Lady Helen):had a guest appearance in Dai Sentai Goggle Five as a French Doll.

    Aiko Tachebana(Tsukiko Hoshino of Uchuu Keiji Gavan):had a guest appearance in Choudenshi Bioman as a sword's smith's daughter.

    Ryousuke Kaizu(Red Mask):had a guest appearance in Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain as a video game inventor.

  12. @Sean, your welcome old buddy.

  13. @guyferd.. what episode in fiveman did kotaro tanaka appear in?

  14. hirohisa nakata has a role in kamen rider amazon 10 years before he played mason

  15. maybe keiko hayase's role as mika in ep 37 of turboranger inspired her to play her fiveman role as its yellow ranger since it is a reference to the very first female yellow ranger

  16. @ sean

    ryosuke kaizu (red mask) also played as one time love interest of five pink in an episode of fiveman. (I forgot what episode was that.)

    Correction: Five blue is kei shindachiya while five black is (ryohei kobayashi)

  17. Hi Sean... seems you forgot Higashiyama Mami that plays Miku Imamura in Megaranger also portrays Eiji's mother in Boukenger.

  18. You forget two actors, Shigeru Kanai best know as G-Stag in B-Fighter played Mega Silver but before that he was the purse snatching thug that stabs and kills Gai Yuki in the final episode of Jetman.
    And Takayuki Godai, he was the second Vul Eagle and after that he was the 1st Sentai Alumni to protray a 6th Member but a renegade who went AWOL. He is Ryu Asuka or X-1 Mask. Too bad he only appeared in 1 episode only.
    And his last Sentai appearance to date was Tsuruhime's father Hakamenrou who is allied with the Tsuchiya twins to fight Dai Maoh.

  19. Hi, thanks for sharing this entry. :D

    I also want to share that Hurricanger has lots of previous sentai actors who guested on its latter episodes as Shurikenger's copied identity. it's on wiki too:

    Kunihiko Oshiba (Megared)- a detective

    Ryuichiro Nishioka (Go Red) - a taiko player

    Masaya Matsukaze (Megablue) - a popular actor

    Toshiya Fuji (Fivered) - a former Ikazuchi-style sensei

    Yoshihiro Masujima - (forgot the character he portrayed)

    Yūji Kishi - a popular shamisen player

    Shuhei Izumi (Time Yellow) - I think he played as a detective here

    Tatsuya Noumi - (forgot this one too)

    Masaru Shishido - a restaurant owner who made his delivery and met hurricangers along the way)

    Kenji Ohba - a temple priest who facilitate hurricanger and gouraiger during their spring cleaning session.

    By the way, Jyunichi Haruta also appeared in Go-onger movie together with Mika Kikuchi.

    And yes, I was sooooo glad to see Tsuruhime and Sasuke again in Goseiger. I watched Goseiger just to see the two of them. :D I hope they both guest or at least Tsuruhime in Gokaiger's tribute for kakuranger. just. love. her. :D

    Go Pink appeared as a daycare teacher in Shinkenger. :D

  20. Hi! My name is Tatianna Raquel. I'm from Brazil. I think 46-year-old actor Yasuhiro Ishiwata (Bun/Blue Flash) is very cool man (he worked as actor from 1985 to 1995, when he retired - at least until 2004, when he left his retirement!). Because of his young appearence, he still is the "tokubabes' pretty lad" (even he is still aged 46)! I loved this post! Prism Flash!

  21. The actress of DekaYellow also portrayed future KyoryuCyan.......

  22. Don't forget Riko Chiba (Mei/Pteraranger in Zyuuranger), also appeared in Kakuranger as a nymph (maybe) who accompanied Sasuke to get Shinobi scroll.
    Also Hirose Satomi (Tsuruhime/Ninja White in Kakuranger) also appeared in previous tokusatsu, but I forgot the character.

    The actor who played Red Racer in Carranger appeared in Gingaman as a teacher who competed with Gouki (Ginga Blue) to get a female teacher.


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