Satoru Akashi and Inou Masumi: An Analysis

After writing about the rivalry of Ryu Tendo and Guy Yuki, it's worth mentioning of Satoru Akashi and Inou Masumi. Although Satoru Akashi is my favorite character in the show, Inou Masumi seemed to be more interesting for some fans just as Guy Yuki was.

Actually the whole point between them may not be as intense but it's still worth watching. The two shared a rivalry throughout the series, a rivalry that Satoru Akashi is kind of oblivious too while Inou Masumi goes to try and outbest Satoru Akashi no matter what. This can be evidenced even in the first episode when Inou Masumi tried to get the Goddom heart to make a fortune for himself.

Despite the rivalry, Satoru Akashi trusted Inou Masumi would return to their side. One test that happened was when Yaiba of the Darkness tried to use Satoru Akashi as bait to let out the darkness of Inou Masumi. Despite that darkness, Inou Masumi overcame it and ended up protecting his rival within the team. However that didn't stop the competition to see who was better but the concern for each other did play too.

Actually the greatest show of their rivalry was during the episode when Ryuon unleashed the last wicked dragon he had, Targagin where Inou Masumi wanted to show he was better but again, Satoru Akashi "stole" the show from him. Satoru Akashi continued to believe in Inou Masumi even with the potential darkness.

When Satoru Akashi was thought to have perished, Inou Masumi lost his purpose but he did lead the other Boukengers to defeat Desperado even when they couldn't henshin for awhile. In the final part, the two got closer when it was discovered Satoru Akashi was still alive and they put their rivalries aside to finally defeat Gaja.