Some Interesting Boukenger Cast Pictures I Found

Here are some rather interesting pictures of the actors/actresses who played as the Boukengers:
Mitsuomi Takahashi
Yasuka Saitou
Masashi Mikami won some award for acting.
If I'm not wrong this is Chise Nakamura in the Philippines
Haruka Suenaga looks like my crush in
College in this picture
Deai Masayuki in a cool blouse


  1. Chise's been to the Philippines? It's undeniable, with the Royal softdrink she's holding. When was the picture taken?


  2. Chise Nakamura sure is in the Philippines in that picture alright.. Royal Tru Orange, that Big Mak stand on the right side. i hope she enjoyed her stay in our country.

  3. I wonder why Boukenger never got to the local TV...

    By the way rhai I don't know.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I'm a fan of Boukenger, and I like them all, especially Bouken Black and Blue ^_^


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