Chinese Influence on Sentai

It can't be denied but Chinese influence has it made it to Sentai shows thus far. Here are those shows that showed Chinese influence as a theme or not as a theme.
Maskman had heavy Chinese influence with the area of martial arts. The beginning is clearly having a LOT of Chinese martial arts influence including the concept of chi energy, an element later used in Dairanger.
Five Yellow used Chinese style Kung Fu in most of her battles.
Dairanger- from suit design to mecha to enemies, it's very Chinese perhaps the most Chinese show in Super Sentai. The concept of aura power is increased and most of the show used Chinese mythology. The fighting styles in Dairanger are probably the ones close to kung fu cinema nonetheless. Even the end was much too Chinese. If one notices the Gorma, they are very Chinese and almost every monster is very Chinese in its appearance. Also, the concept of the terra cotta army was added as well as the great Daijinryuu was symbol of the Chinese dragon that maintains peace in the Universe and Kujaku was a goddess in Chinese mythology. Should I mention that the idea of the terra cotta army is based on Chinese history too?
Gingaman- Okay I think there's Chinese influence in this show. The attire the Gingamen wear while in civilian form looks like Chinese warriors of the past. However the show wasn't exactly very oriental though.
Dekaranger though not really laced with Chinese influence has the Dekarangers also practicing jeet kune doo after Bruce Lee. They were almost based like Hong Kong detective shows with a sci-fi twist.
Boukenger in one episode had some Chinese-inspired precious such as the pearl of the empire, the three kingdoms sword and the Feng Shui compass, the Lemurian egg, Zubaan, Sun of Lemuria and the Three Headed Dragon candlestick. Ryuon's Jaryuu was very Chinese in its designs based after the Chinese dragon. In the end, the staff of Sun Wukong was made an extra.
Gekiranger was based on the 18 animal styles of Chinese martial arts and it had a very Chinese feel from heroes, villains to the very fighting styles executed. It seems to compete with Dairanger in that area.


  1. It's a good thing Super Sentai has Chinese influence. Since China isn't as popular a country (in terms of tourism), it seems as if Japan wants to show the cooler side of China by showing coolio Kung Fu fight scenes from DaiRanger and GekiRanger. Pure awesomeness...


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