Dairanger's Clay Gorma

Dairanger is clouded on the mystery of who created the clay figures? What were they for? Who really created them? It's all a mystery as it was revealed that the main villains were ALL clay. So here are some of the details:

The first to be revealed to be clay was Zydos who when he was defeated by the Dairangers a second time was reduced to a clay rubble. There is no revelation whether or not this was a fake or not.  Or whether or not Shaddam revived Zydos and put his soul into the clay body.

The "Gara" that served the Gorma was a fake Gara. The real Gara was a good one. She was a former Gorma. Presumably, Shaddam created this Gara to replace the betrayer.

The present Gorma Emperor was made of clay. This was revealed when his trusted adviser Jiaxu discovered that the emperor was a clay model. Towards the end, it was revealed that without the Earth Shaking Jewel, the Gorma Emperor couldn't survive and he was defeated by Shaddam who sought for his powers. I assume that this clay model was meant to be a second body for the deceased emperor until Shaddam could kill him.

Finally Shaddam was the last. After he was defeated because the Earthshaking jewel and the Lai Lai Jewels were scattered to appease the great Daijinryu, he lost in the fight at the chamber of command of the Gorma with Ryu Tenkasei/Ryu Ranger. In the final moments, it was revealed Shaddam was made of clay.  He soon got startled at that fact- perhaps it was a karmic bounce at him.

So where does this go to? Assuming that Shaddam (if it is him) really remembered anything, he probably created a clay copy of himself with his memories to serve as his second body as a means to preserve himself. At the same time he created clay bodies for the Emperor and Zydos to preserve them and created a fake Gara to "make up for the loss".


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