Evil Sentai Groups

Yes there were "copy rangers" which happened in Goggle V (the Deathdark Five), Fiveman (see below), Jetman (incomplete as Black Condor wasn't copied) and Zyuranger (the leader was a Dora monster named Dora Mirage) but there were the real evil sentai counterparts too. They are:
The Beastnoids of Chodenshi Bioman formed a team of five twice- in the movie and in episode 31. They hardly fight together but they did anyway and they had their own team-up attack. Each one served to fight the Bioman for a respective episode and retreated, not killed by the team attack. Later Messerjuu and Aquagaiger died while Psygorn, Mettzer and Juuoh were upgraded (they died towards the finale). Juuoh is the acting leader and he serves Monster. On the other hand Psygorn is Mason's preferred beastnoid most of the time and Mettzer is Farrah's preferred beastnoid though they also interchange commanders. I count them as an evil sentai group.
Fiveman later had the Gingamen (not to be confused with the later Sentai just as Turboranger was the name of the flying fortress in Maskman) which were given color coidings by the scarves they wear. They were first used by Dordora in hopes of hypnotizing the media (they used stun weapons for the monster) and later were under Chevalier's command. They also had been able to use the Fivemen's powers once as a "copy sentai team". They were defeated by the Fivemen simultaneously resulting to their deaths.
The Hanarangers were an all female team- which was probably inspired by Farrah Cat having three friends back in Bioman but they weren't officially an evil sentai team in my opinion. They were formed by Gasha Skull as an official ninja team. The leader is played by Keiko Hayase. They go by the names of flowers such as Iris, Cherry Blosson, Water Lily, Lily and Orchid. They were inevitably destroyed as well by the Kakurangers.
The Zokurangers were a counterforce. After Zoku Red was killed, they did their best to help Exhaus' empire expand but also met their demise. They were formed to counter the Carrangers and were kind of dark.
The Nejirangers were also known by their color. They were created by Dr. Hinelar out of Javious' DNA to counter the Megarangers. Each one of them had a monster form. They were intended to kill Javious as they were using up his life force. They were defeated leading to Javious' defeat, regained human form once more but they were turned back into cards and cast away into space presumably destroyed.


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