Hot Sentai Female Villains

Super Sentai also had some really hot female villains.
Maskman's "Prince" Igam is really hot. You should have seen where her little secret got blown off by the "crucified" Maskman team. Unlike other villains, she had a second chance and became a nun to atone for her sins.
Dordora from Fiveman (the woman in gold) was kind of hot.
Maria was a really pretty. She was forcibly turned evil but her real self came out thus why Radiguet killed her.
Lami the wife of Griforther was also hot. In fact she's hotter than Ptera Ranger. Please don't mistake her to be the same actress who played Dordora in Fiveman.
The Hanarangers were pretty hot themselves. In fact just in case you didn't notice, Keiko Hayase is there too!
Zonette of Carranger was really a very hot and sexy villain but not as hot as Lami in Zyuranger.
Lila was hot in Timeranger but her Time Force counterpart is hotter.
Tsuetsue of Gaoranger was kind of pretty. Just look for pictures of Rei Saito to see why or watch the Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai movie to see her real face.
Shizuka of the Wind is kind of pretty and sexy- a snare-type villain!


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