Japanese Speaking Aliens?

Super Sentai has the weirdest moment of Japanese speaking aliens whether hero or villain. What? Japanese speaking aliens? Seriously that's very funny. In Japan, their shows present Japanese as the universal language instead of English. While you had English speaking aliens in American TV, Japan had Japanese speaking aliens. There were NO interpreters either.

From all the Super Sentai series, Dekaranger (that show reminds me of Star Wars and Star Trek to some point) took this concept the farthest because ALL the planets spoke in Japanese while maintaining the dramatic atmosphere that made the show go on as a hit series.

Theoretically Japanese folktales are put into consideration. Like what? Well there was Princess Kaguya a plot later added into Boukenger- which talked about the princess that lived in another world. However because it was not written during a high-technology age, these aliens were transported in rather mystical vessels, a concept used in Turboranger for its enemies. In another instance, they simply teleported because the Japanese believed their gods and goddesses populated other planets. This perhaps explains this weird phenomenon!


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