Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Comparison

After the Shinkenger-Decade crossover, it seems that a LOT of fans may start to argue whether or not the Kamen Riders and Sentai teams operate within their own continuity or not. Actually we had Goranger vs. JAKQ that made it so but later, it was apparently retconned. Then again, they come together.

So here's what I think is different between Kamen Rider and Super Sentai:

The rather obvious: Kamen Rider started as a single hero and Super Sentai with the idea of "if one is a hit, why not a team" and thus Goranger was born. Also the Kamen Riders had friends that were more of the morale and occassionally helped fight with them but none of them could really beat a monster. There were NO giant robots in Kamen Rider.

Releasing: Kamen Rider had no new series for 11 years after Black RX ended (and some considered Kotaro Minami/Black/Black RX to be the best kamen rider, he made a return in Kamen Rider Decade World, he was my favorite and after him, I ceased to watch newer Kamen Rider shows) while Super Sentai is ongoing and may not freeze easily.

Continuity: Kamen Rider series' were obviously canon after the other during the Ishinomori era. On the other hand, Super Sentai fans were left under debate on whether or not one series is canon after the other.

Plots: Kamen Rider is usually one character centered vs. Super Sentai where you need to spread the drama to ALL the team members.


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  2. 123123- I would like to invite you to be my follower. As of right now, I'm more interested in Super Sentai than Kamen Rider- even the newer Sentai somewhat still reminds me of the older Sentai that is plotwise though.


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