Metal Hero Casts in Sentai

Here are some of the metal hero actors and actresses I know who also made appearances in Super Sentai:
Kenji Ohba who was the leading guy Retsu Ichijoji in Gavan was a regular in Battle Fever J as Battle Kenya and in Denziman as Denziblue. He also did his own stunts at times.
Before Bioman, Yuki Yajima was also known as Lovely Helen in Sharivan (correction as of August 11, 2009 thanks Vincent Jones) who was from episode 38-44. Her character was killed off because she joined Bioman. But later, she quit acting for good.
Soga Machiko appeared in Gavan in one episode as a Double Girl and as the main villain in Spielban as the much more vile Queen Pandora.
Hikaru Kurosaki whose toku icon was Jaspion later appeared in Bioman episode 35-36. If I'm not wrong, he married Yuko Asuka the woman who played as Farrah.Hiroshi Watari who acted as Den Iga/Sharivan later made an appearance in Boukenger as a guest- as the father of Eiji Takaoka.

Note: Any corrections are welcome.


  1. Just to help make a correction..Yuki Yakjima was in Sharivan, not Spielban, as the aforementioned Lovely(Belle)Helen..

  2. Yuki Yajima was actually in Sharivan, not Spielban.

  3. Don't forget the late great Hiroshi Tsuburaya the actor who played Dai Sawamura/Space Sheriff Shaider. He played as Gao Blue's father in Gao Ranger. I memory serves me right, it was his last television role.

  4. Hiroshi Watari should have been in a Sentai series as a Red or Black which matches his previous Space Sheriff motiff. Hikaru Kurosaki looks like a dead ringer for Yuta Mochzuki who is Geki Tyranoranger!!!!


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