Older Sentai Actor Pictures as of 8/30/2009

Pictures taken from: http://tokugalaxy.tokusatsu.org/ (not in English)

Just fooling around:
Hiruta Kazunari (Blue Mask) rather looking all nerdy.
Blue ranger meets another blue ranger. Masujima Yoshiro (Blue Racer) and Asakura Keiya (Blue Turbo). Carranger was loosely inspired by Turboranger nonetheless.
Kenta Satou and Asakura Keiya (he almost looks like Masashi Mikami) trying to morph to their Turboranger selves. Ha ha!
Kenta Satou and Ryosuke Sakamoto out for a drink to warm themselves up. Both red rangers are having a good time.
Kihachiro Uemara (Green Flash in Flashman and Chevalier in Fiveman) with Kigatawa Tsutomo of Godzilla fame.

2004 concert on stage:
Kenji Ohba (known as Gavan, Battle Kenya, Denzi Blue and as Geki Red's father) and Japan Action Club stuntman Kazou Nibori who was the stunt double for many red rangers.
Ei Hamura (Tenma Ranger) with Keiichi Wada
Akihito Osuga and Ryosuke Umezo- CHODENSHI BIOMAN! Hey where's the rest?
Ryosuke Umezo who was Red One (who also appeared in Kamen Rider Black episode 7), Kenta Satou who was Red Turbo with Asakura Keiya who was Blue Turbo.


  1. Kenta looks a bit old compared to Keiya in the "Turbo "Transform" pic. :) But he looks young in the last photo with red one and Keiya. At first, I thought Keiya was Red Mask in the last pic. :)

  2. hello sean you know i found the other pic of kazunari hirota and found the recent pic of ryosuke kaizu A.K.A takeru or red mask ad he married a filipina

  3. By the way can you email then terz2020?

  4. hello sean i have something to share to you i dont know is this kazunari hirota http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs080.snc4/35342_1236631976517_1850786769_457327_4129738_n.jpg

  5. I mistook the guy with Green Flash with Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba. They had some similarities i guess.

  6. hello sean i have a good news to you and to all maskman fans because Mr. kazunari hirota A.K.A blue mask of maskman have a interview in japanese live talk show on Feb 1, 2011 to promote the volume 1 of maskman DVD and this is the 1st interview of him after 24 yrs


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