Sentai Civilian Action Scenes

In Super Sentai, there have also been scenes where the heroes fought against the enemy in civilian form. What do these scenes prove? It shows that the actors were not merely relying on stuntment (who doubled for them in some scenes) but they knew how to fight as well. It's the trend whether older sentai or newer sentai- that's one thing that never changed.

Also it should be mentioned that depending on the story or plot, there were also reasons why these scenes happened. There was also the infamous "can't morph into ranger mode" scenes which caused some rather awesome scenes too.
The most common was perhaps to fight the foot soldiers out of suit. There wasn't much need to henshin when they didn't face a monster yet as to avoid much civilian damage before they leave. Sometimes there were times they faced an enemy general out of suit in a defensive combat before leaving the area for a temporary retreat. Sometimes, they just used normal weapons in combat like the picture above.
Actually the most daring type of civilian action scene (in script) is when they confront a monster out of suit. In Fiveman, we have Ken Hoshikawa not in suit beating a monster out. In Carranger, we have Kyosuke Jinnai fighting out of suit to prove his love for Zonette. Eiji Takaoka in Boukenger beats Ouga out of suit. Gaorangers also had it when the six of them decided to face Senki without their powers. The most daring for me was in Boukengers when Inou Masumi calls the others minus a thought to be dead Satoru Akashi to use the Dual Crusher to defeat Desperado.


  1. Out of suit battles are the best in my opinion. That's why I enjoy the Space Sheriff series so much as well as the older Sentai shows.


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