Some Moral Lessons in Super Sentai

It seems that Super Sentai did focus on some very important lessons in life like:

Teamwork is necessary and the God-given differences among
the teammates be put aside to succeed.

You can never change the past but work for a better future.

Jealousy and bitterness are dangerous.

The unity of a family is powerful.

Sometimes your rival may become your best friend.
There were rebel rangers too you know- good guys

Even a zero can become an unexpected hero.

Even Sentai's best heroes fail for they're only human.

Difficult trials first before glory.

Make up for your mistakes while it's early.

Perversity will never go unpunished.

Your lies will catch up with you.

NEVER attempt to imitate anything dangerous you see on TV.

Sacrifices have to be made for the better.

Life is full of difficult choices that involve personal feelings.

Happy endings aren't always there.

Letting go of the past and going for a better future.

Powerful as they are, the rangers aren't invincible,
only the God of the Universe is.

NEVER underestimate a woman's fury.

Life can be full of ironies too.

True power is a God given gift.

Seeing the light will always overcome man's inherent darkness.

The true lightsider's soul will always be delivered on
the last day.

Looks can be deceiving.

Power can drive you insane too.

Man can never become God.

Life can be full of surprises.

Brawn isn't always better than brain.

Some people just never learn.

Revenge will just spell more pain and agony in the long run.

Man is inherently evil which causes evil to befall them.

Try hard as you must to stop being human, you're still human.

Greed will just bring more sorrow in the end. They deserve
to be deleted for their heavy crimes.

Evil deceives one another.

Some evil people are not that evil and can turn
to the side of good for good.

Even some of the worst villains can care for each other.

There is a kind of madness that comes with forgetfulness.

Arrogance will one day be your downfall.


  1. Wow. Thats deep. You analyzed it well. I have to agree with everything.

  2. The "NEVER attempt to imitate anything dangerous you see on TV." What was that picture from?

    And what is the picture from the "life can be full of ironies too." ?

    Yeah. Sentai teaches some really good lessons. Unlike American TV. :P

  3. Alexander the picture of "Never attempt to imitate anything dangerous you see on TV" is from Jaspion. The actor who played Jaspion appeared in Bioman episodes 35-36 as Yatori who attempted the moves of the Biomen in an attempt to become the sixth member. :-P

  4. Super Sentai has one of the best morals in any Japanese shows.

    Anime has almost NO morals whatsoever, it's all about teamwork and motivation, and that's about it. Same with the rip-off known as Power Rangers, Saban's had morals which were really good. But Disney? The biggest fail ever, it teaches nothing but teamwork, which we're already getting tired of.

  5. Alexander the picture of "Life can be full of ironies" is Red Turbo's one on one battle with Ragorn.

  6. Why is Red Turbo's fight Ironic?

    You have mentioned many morality lessons that are very great.
    How do you think of them?

  7. Hi, Sean, may I know where do you get the Turboranger picture for "Life can be full of ironies"? I've never seen it before.

    And thanks for analizing moral lessons in super sentai. This is an amazing article.

  8. Hello! Could you please explain why Riki's battle with Ragorn is an irony? Hahaha. Thanks sean! :)

  9. Terrapink here's what: Why do I consider Riki's battle with Ragorn ironic? Let's face it- Ragorn is the most powerful of all the villains yet Riki defeats him in a one-on-one battle. Also, despite that, it took the Turborangers' most powerful combination to defeat him during episode 39 of Turboranger.

  10. bouken_blue3,
    There are some anime that have moral lessons in them. I have analytically looked at ones i watch and found some, especially in BLEACH.

    Where do you think of these?
    "Man is inherently evil which causes evil to befall them." Sounds familiar.

  11. Have you remembered in Turboranger, Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger and Gaoranger that revealed evil in humanity has caused their rise? That is especially in Gaoranger when the wickedness of humanity freed the Orgus. It's part of the law of cause and effect.

  12. Of all the morals, I think the best one came from the MagiRanger vs DekaRanger crossover. Though it's not mentioned, it did show the lesson of deep family love. I gotta admit, it was sad but really meaningful.

  13. Sean can I quote you in my profile in a social networking site. These moral lessons are good.
    And I have never watched Turbo, Zyu, Dai, or Kaku and I havnt had the time to finish Gao.
    But I understand now.

  14. I also noticed that many of these moral lessons are from Boukenger

  15. Thanks. These are soooooo good. They should be shared.

  16. "The true lightsider will always be delivered on
    the last day."

    You should put a pic of Rio

  17. Wow, so many pictures. I do have to agree with you on those. I do have some questions about pictures mostly, because I don't recognize some of them.

    1.) What was the last picture from in which it says "arrogance will one day be your downfall?"

    2.) What picture is from "Your lies will catch up with you?" Isn't that Takeru from Maskman?

    3.) What pictures are "Teamwork is necessary and the God-given differences among
    the teammates be put aside to succeed" & "Even Sentai's best heroes fail for they're only human" are from?

    4.) "Sacrifices have to be made for the better", "Revenge will just spell more pain and agony in the long run", & "Letting go of the past and going for a better future." Which Sentai seasons are those from?

    Thanks! :)

  18. @Garland


    1.) That was from episode 47 of Boukenger when Ryuon was defeated by Akashi and turned back human although Tranza and Radiguet would have fit it.

    2.) Yes it's Takeru from Maskman.

    3.) Both pictures are from Boukenger.

    4.) That was from Bioman concerning sacrifices. About revenge that was Maria stabbing Radiguet from Jetman. Concerning letting go, that was Boukenger again.

    Hope that answers your questions. :-P

  19. I would like to also add in terms of Sentai Moral lessons. Even the one who looks weak may are still useful for success. An example of this is in Maskman where as the sick man Akaike invented a powerful weapon for the team.

  20. @ sean

    thanks for your blog.. They're all interesting. Maybe you can put also some family values. I have seen those in fiveman and jetman i guess... You know , those siblings dididn't have any parents for 20 years. Their older brother Gaku ( Five red) became their parents. I hope you can put more lessons...
    thank you

  21. I think you nailed them all. I can't think of any more.

    The thing about perversity not going unpunished could potentially contain some grey areas. What is perversity? Does masturbating count or does it have to be something you say or do to someone?

    1. No, Masturbation doesn't count as pervision at all, because it's normal, & is something that you do in private.

      Something that you say or do to someone, however, is.


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