Stand Up Cockpits

If there were any cockpits that I believe I liked least are the stand-up cockpits. Why? Well first and foremost, the robots were always prone to falling down and it's harder to keep steady while holding on to something and two, it's really stressful for a vehicle to just keep standing up.

Here are those "infamous" stand up cockpits:
The Dairangers were the first to use the stand up cockpit. I wonder what they did every time the robot tumbled or especially when they use the Ultimate Armor Chi Palace sky drop attack?
The Kakurangers had the weirdest- they stood in their separate cockpits. It was later used in...
Gingaman also had the same with Kakuranger....
As for Timeranger, this one dizzies me to think the robot changes position all the time so I assume their feet are fastened. Maybe not.
The Gaorangers also stood up in their mecha. During the scene they went upside down or flew, I wonder how they deal with it? Later they had that bird too! Gao Silver also stood up as well.
The Magirangers had altars instead of controllers due to their magical theme.
The gekirangers have the most unique one... it's thought controlled?
Shinkenger had repeated the one from Dairanger when all seven mecha merge. Only this time, an extra deck appears for Shinken Gold.


  1. I think Gaoranger also us stand up cockpits, don't they? I kind of forget, since they have some sort of special bird cockpit or something, but I think they stand up.

  2. Possibly inside of the mecha it has it's own gravitational force, which keeps them on their feet. It also wonders me why they're still able to stand after they're being hit and shaken.

  3. wow. maybe they should think about daimos-inspired mecha


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