How Often Do Enemies Attack?

Okay one of the biggest questions in Super Sentai is "How often do enemies attack?" Okay maybe I'll discuss some time how some enemies using science, mysticism or a combination of both to monitor the battles that goes on (I suggest some have invaded the airwaves) but how often do enemies attack?

I used the picture of Majo Bandora looking at her telescope to stress this point.

Theoretically saying, there is no fixed interval like some even make sneak attacks during the evening or as early as 5:00 A.M. depending on the dastardly plan. I mean some sentai enemies mention it has been some time they fought or that while Ohranger was aired in 1995, the setting is 1999. Hmmm... it gets terribly confusing. For more info, check out the sentai timeline.

I assume that while it's a week before their next attack in our time, theirs may be more than a week or a month of planning. Sometimes it's even a matter of the next day since the last. Honestly it's up to you to judge since one episode may have a time interval of more than a day or some just a day in the setting. Just like how Burai's five part debut may actually be months of battle and we NEVER knew it or how some events immediately happen the next day.