Super Sentai's Battle Record System

Okay this is something but I think we'll talk about how the Super Sentai monitoring system takes place. We do get some glimpses of some instances. It's a question to me to, "How are battles being monitored?"

Unlike MMPR where Zordon seemed like deity (and Barza was more human), the Super Sentai series limits the powers of the heroes even killing some characters to make a point. If you've seen So Close, I guess that's their technology.

Well I'd like to display some of the most significant ones to which series started that trend.
The earlier Super Sentai groups simply relied on the news. I mean how frustrating is that? Gorangers had to keep making reports per battle.
In Goggle V, there seems to be a radiowave transmitter in their suits which allowed the secret base to monitor them. Then again, it was implied they also had a satellite that picked up limited footage one place at a time (which again, man can't become God).
In Chodenshi Bioman, henshin devices started to have the technology that allows transmission of images while communicating. Hmmmm... very interesting.
Jetman began the inspiration for the SPD concept of Skybase. Although the hi-tech satellite was destroyed, it seems there was a spare with Aya Odagiri being able to monitor the Jetmen but I assume it's as long as the bracelets are turned on and fully charged. Apparently the Skybase only monitors the Asia region.
Zyuranger and not Turboranger introduced mystically powered radiowaves. However the show seemed to show the more human side of the rangers as they simply had to run across people to know the latest attack. Some sentai series had to keep reading newspapers, watching the news and scout around the place like policemen.
Dekaranger has gotten too "high tech" more than Carranger has. Here the battle monitoring system is using the SPD transmitters, communicators and the GPS system at a higher level.
The Boukengers' SGS technology used a combination of modern science and Precious. However the Boukengers were frequently on guard duty to allow recordings of events to happen.


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