Teenage Rangers in Sentai

Super Sentai frequently had more mature adults than teenagers who fight to protect the world from evil forces. They are unlikely heroes.

So far there have been teenage rangers mixed with a group of adults such as:
Miki Monozono was a high school student among the Goggle V team.
Akira/Blue Mask was only 16 years old when he became the blue ranger of the Maskman team. At the end of the series, we don't know how old he is.
Ako Hayasaka was a high schooler while the rest of the Jetmen were adults. Hmmm... pairing her up with Guy Yuki isn't right.
Boi of Zyuranger is the youngest of the group. He's only 15.
Mei of Zyuranger is 17 years old.
Tsurihime/Ninja White was only 14 years old in Kakuranger. Despite her age, she is the acting leader of the group.
Naoki Domon was the youngest Carranger but just a year before stepping to manhood.
Hikaru was still 17 when he joined the Gingamen.
Saya of Gingaman was also 17 when she entered the Gingaman team.
Sae Taiga in Gaoranger was the only teenager of the group who was about to turn 18 the next year. During the battle, it's unknown when she becomes an adult.
Kai Ozu was only 17 years old when he became the red ranger of the Magiranger siblings.
Saki Royama is still about to turn to an adult when she became a Go-onger.
Hant Jo is another Go-onger who is still a teenager.
Chiaki Tani is underaged in Shinkenger but not as young as...
Kotoha Hanaori who is the youngest of the group.

And also there were all-teenager teams:
Turboranger was a teeny bopper sentai that featured teenagers juggling with their studies and fighting to save the world from the evil Bouma race trying to conquer the Earth. This was probably the first show Saban wanted to franchise as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Megaranger was next. They were all teenagers as well.

As of late, there hasn't been any more teenybopper sentai. Has sentai focused more on adults lately? No more teenagers with an attitude? I wonder what of it?


  1. don't forget Saki and hant in go-onger, and kotoha nad chiaki in shinkenger!

  2. Isn't Kai from Magiranger also a teenager?
    Oh, and Hikaru and Saya from Gingaman are both 17 years old.

    Nice list Sean ;)

  3. Thats a nice Pic of Kotoha. I use that as my BG.

    Kibaranger..oh wait hes a kid.

  4. hey you want some shinkenger material?

    look for this website:http://virginia1002.pixnet.net/blog/post/25775940

    they have nice pics of the shinkenger. ahem, shinken pink and shinken red.

  5. I like Megaranger because they're all teens, except for the sixth ranger. It'd be nice if the sixth one is also a teen, but Mega Silver is not that bad.

  6. In the film, most rangers are pictured as adult (20 years old or older), but the actors are actually teens. In Kakuranger, the white one was only 13 when she played Kakuranger. I don't know how old she is as the ranger in the film, though.

  7. MidoRanger/Kenji Asuka, from Goranger, was 17 when the series started (even though his actor, Yukio Ito, was 19).

    Something to note, Diane Martin (the actress) was 17 when she appeared in "Battle Fever J."

    Goggle Pink/Miki Monozono was 16 in "Goggle Five."

    Green Sai/Junichi Aikawa was 17 in "Liveman."

    NinjaWhite/Tsuruhime was 14 in "Kakuranger."

    Blue Racer/Naoki Domon was 17 in "Carranger."

  8. you forgot boi and mei.from zyuranger..they look kinda teen

  9. Oh, yeah! I can't believe I forgot those two! Boi--15, Mei--17.

    One question, Sean. Would those under the age of 20 count as teenagers?

  10. how about Mika/Yellow 4.. she is too young to die.. the actress had to quit though

  11. @mrpogi91
    Mika was 18, and Sean considers teenagers on his list those under the age of 18, even though the age of majority in Japan is 20 (as of 5/2010, though there are debates to lower it to 18).

  12. I'd like to mention Kaoru Shiba as well. She may be a mom now, but she's 15 years old. Quite younger than Takeru himself (who might be in late teens, but I think he's 20 by the end of Shinkenger...)

  13. i think miki/goggle pink is only mentioned as a gymnast but not as a high school student

  14. i think these are the actual ages of the actors/actresses when they appeared in their series:
    Megumi Oogawa AKA miki/goggle pink was in fact 19-20. she was probably 19 when she first played miki and later turned 20.

    Issei Hirota aka akira/blue mask was actually about to turn 17 when he played his maskman character

    in turboranger, the main cast are actually in their 20s despite the fact that the characters are high school students

    sayuri uchida was actually 19 when she played ako/blue swallow

  15. @hallwings in my country the philippines, the legal age is 18

  16. if turboranger was a little adult-oriented in which the ages of the characters are the same as the actors and actress playing them, yellow turbo will be the only teenaged member of the group at the age of 17-18


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