Shinkenger's Mecha Tributes

I believe Shinkenger's mecha have paid a good tribute to older sentai such as:
The Shinken Oh's finishing attack pays tribute to Battle Fever J's slash attack.

Daikai Shinken Oh's fusion process imitates the Jet Icarus-Bird Garuda hand gestures.

Daigoyou pays tribute to Ninjaman of Kakuranger as the "seventh ranger".

Hmmm the Ushi Origami reminds me too much of the Ginga Taurus in Gingaman. The fact that it killed its original pilot was also from Maskman and Ohranger.

This soon coming combination Samura Haoh is tribute to the Go-onger's Engine Oh G12. However the bulk reminds me of Zyutei Daizyujin.


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