The Awesome Scientist in Sanjoru Sugata

Commander Sanjoru Sugata of Maskman... one of those most mysterious figures and rare commanders. Rare in what manner? Not only is he a scientist but he is also an expert martial artist- something most sentai scientists didn't have.

He was the one who organized the Maskman team, trained them and designed their mecha. I believe his existence made Toei's writers brought forth the existence of Aya Odagiri into Jetman.

In a way, he was one who found Takeru who he saw despite impulsiveness the potential to become the red ranger of the Maskman team. He was also the one who found the other Maskmen as well. Not only did he show his ability with martial arts but also with science as he performed both with much ease to the surprise of the team.

Perhaps one of his greatest actions was to try and let Takeru forget about Ial because it was getting in the way. Another has to be whenever the Maskmen are down, he encourages them and at times raises his voice so they will snap back into action. He was also the one who discovered the existence of the Tube invasion and it was revealed he was more prepared than the ordinary man.

He was also a man of many pain. One had to deal with his former student Ryo Asoka in episode 39 who was supposed to be the first Maskman who left without a word. Another was in episode 40 when he found that girl from Tube that he saved long ago. He never revealed himself to her, not yet- not until the battle was over.

Eventually he was able to see his dream fulfilled when the Maskmen finally defeated the Tube usurper Zeba.