Boukenger Vehicles Classfication

Boukenger in itself was an adventure series. However their vehicles can be categorized as follows such as:

Gougou Gyro- This is Bouken Blue's primary vehicle. Suitable for him who uses air. Exclusively for combat.
Gougou Jet- Perhaps the hottest one. It was the first time Bouken Red was able to drive a flying vehicle for the series. Whether or not he had training to be a pilot like Bouken Blue is unknown. It was used to recover the Aqua Crystal.
Dai Voyager- Actually I registered it as one vehicle even if it is made of five vehicles. This is apparently the most powerful robot in the series.

Gougou Formula- Interestingly enough, only Bouken Black has a civilian vehicle. However it's unclear whether or not the driver is a race car driver himself.

Gougou Marine- Bouken Pink's vehicle was built for underwater exploration. For some strange reason it can travel on land.

Gougou Dump- The primary vehicle of Bouken Red.
Gougou Dozer- The primary vehicle of Bouken Yellow.
Gougou Drill- Driven by Bouken Red and Bouken Yellow. Bouken Red used this at first to rescue his teammates but Bouken Yellow later uses this more.
Gougou Mixer- So far only Bouken Blue drove this one. It was used to slow down the explosion Ryuon wanted to happen to create the super dragon.
Gougou Shovel- So far only Bouken Pink drove this one to stop the Panzer.
Gougou Crane- This was used by Bouken Black to rescue an old lady who was swalloed by a Tsukigame monster namely Kawazugami.


Interestingly enough, only Bouken Silver's vehicles were all for rescue. In fact Gou Gou Fire can really shoot water to put out flames.
Gougou Aider
Gougou Fire
Gougou Police


  1. among the multigattai mecha, i fond of boukenger multi gattai. They have 5 multi gattai items like drill, shovel, mixer, crane and jet, and they were combined at once to be a 10 pieces mecha, so cool....

  2. Bouken Silver's mecha greatly resembles Autobot combiner Defensor. There are several mecha that resemble Transformers characters. I hope you can make about them. I could help you by providing you some information about them.

  3. Good day Sean. I hope that you can make a blog entry about similarities of sentai mechas with Transformers. So i will now provide some of them:

    1.Jet Icarus, Dekawing Robo and Time Robo were all formed by Jets.Similar with the Autobot combiner Superion.

    2.Great Titan is formed when Titan Boy combine with it's trailer, just like Ultramagnus, Super Ginrai and Armada Optimus Prime.

    3.Turbo Robo and RV Robo were composed of automobiles, much like the Decepticon combiner Menasor.

    4.Super Live Robo and Gao King were composed of eagle, tiger, lion, rhinoceros and bison which resembles the Decepticon Combiner Predaking.

    5.Magiranger's Travelion is composed of six trains, like the Autobot Combiner Raiden.

    6.As i had mentioned before, Bouken Silver's mecha Siren Builder is composed of ambulance, police car and firetruck like the Autobot Combiner Defensor.

    7.Shinkenranger's Daikai Oh transforms from lobster to robot like the Predacon Seaclamp/Gimlet.


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