Boukenger's Adventurer Equipment

Actually Boukenger has some rather interesting equipment. I'd like to talk about how interesting they are for me like:
While most morphing devices are just communicators and mecha summoners, this one is capable of reading through the hazard levels of treasures.
This is the first "battlizer" that can be shared with just anybody in the group. This is also the first battlizer that needed a complete team to operate fully.
From all the Boukenger's weapons, the most unique have to be Bouken Black's Radial Hammer which can cause tremors, Bouken Blue's Blow Knuckle which for me is the most unique Sentai weapon yet and Bouken Yellow's Bucket Scoopers which look ordinary but are very powerful.
Not anything interesting about this, it's kind of old stuff but it comes in handy.
The Scope Shot being a beacon firer, a handy parachute and helps see long distances is certainly helpful for an adventurer.
The Dual Crusher has to be the most innovative team weapon yet because it has two functions- to paralyze enemies with cement and to use a drill head to destroy them. Hmmm.
The Saga Sniper of Bouken Silver has to be the most innovative. It is a staff and a gun at once. Hmmm it'd be some time before we see another equipment like this.


  1. I love Boukenger's weapon assortment. It is one of the best in years.

  2. when it comes to morphing devices, ShodoPhone of the Shinkenger has to be the best. imagine the things it can do if you have so much Mojikara!


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