Dr. Bias Got Biased

Dr. Bias- perhaps one of the most enigmatic and most evil scientists during the 80s era of Sentai. However unlike most evil scientists, he was relatively calm and didn't yell at his subordinates. Instead he chose to scold them professionally and let them learn from their mistakes, quite different from most insane geniuses who would commit suicide over a single failure. He was the type to be systematic to prepare for the worst.

How many people he deceived is not known but in the Devil's point of view, he appealed to the pride of the three students Dr. Kemp, Dr. Mazenda and Dr. Obular to let them join Volt. He was of course one to think he could shape the world as he saw fit- one mistake he would soon regret. Perhaps his only friend was his bodyguard Gash that he created, thus his "son". He also had help from Dr. Ashura who was an expert criminal mastermind he further educated.

To ensure the undying loyalty of his followers who see him as a god, he created Gildos and Butchy to spur on them. However later on, those robots were inevitably destroyed. Later on his true intentions were discovered that he was using people all along that once they achieved a super duper fictitious IQ of 1,000- he would use their brains to power himself up to achieve his life long dream of becoming a super genius.

However the Livemen later discovered he was actually a man who kept using youth formulas to cheat death. He soon turned himself back as a child- however being overridden with power beyond power, he was reverted back to his true age much to the disgust of the Liveman. Sadly he didn't get such an epic end, he just died aboard the Brainbase decaying and confused.