Dr. Man- A Father's Dreadful Secret

Dr. Man, the main villain of Chodenshi Bioman and arguably one of Earth's greatest geniuses and self-proclaimed greatest genius. Little was known about his background except that somehow the people of the Bio Planet was able to predict his rise. All that the Biomen at first knew is that he was a person of dreadful ambition to conquer the world and mechanize it as he saw fit and the leader of the New Empire Gear.

He had one big problem aside from the Biomen- he had his bumbling assistants to worry about which his plans mostly failed. None of them were really succeeding in every mission and most of his victories were short lived. For example, while he was able to get the bio killer particles which effectively weakened the Biomen at one turn- Jun Yabuki replaced Mika Koizumi as the yellow ranger of the team. Another was when he created the Black Prince, however the mechanoid's instability led to its defeat.

Finally the Biomen realized that Dr. Man is a human being when they met his real son Junichi. It was at this point that it was revealed he turned himself into a cyborg to extend his life when he aged quite early after his brain altering experiments. He became more mechanical while Mason discovered his secret. Prepared for any conspiracy, he made a duplicate of himself to fool the Big Three into believing he had died only to have remained hidden during the conspiracy. Once again, his genius prevailed.

He ended up reformatting Gear because the Biomen were getting stronger and he was left without his son. Although he was gaining the upper edge, the Biomen did too. His problems came worse when his proposed alliance with the Bio Hunter Silver were turned down. As a result, he not only had the Biomen to deal with but with the Bio Hunter Silver who was enemy on both sides. One by one he saw his troops fall down like flies. Left without a choice, he decided to battle the Biomen with his final creation- the King Megas after seeing Silver, Mason and Psygorn fall down.

However he wasn't lucky either. He did what he should have done before- find the base with that robot which is weird for a genius like him. Despite King Megas' power, he was defeated and was left injured. He retreated to activate the Neo Bomb to blow up the Earth. However in a battle of emotions with his son Junichi and the Biomen, he ended up giving his life to save the world he tried to conquer.