The Jetmen's Hidden Personalities

The fact is Jetman episode 11- "Dangerous Game" really interests me in the field of psychology. Thinking about it, the Jetmen did reveal "the other side" of them which may have been their apparent past weaknesses or something that nobody knew about. Here's my theory to why they had revealed those traits after they drank the dangerous juice of Vendind Machine Monster.

Ryu Tendo- Maybe perhaps as a child, he was like Red Mask who didn't like to work. However that is not made clear or emphasized either. Not even his grandmother Kiyou Tendo revealed anything of his past.

Guy Yuki- The revelation that he had leadership skills is somewhat proof of his denial and refusal to accept his destiny. This personality however prevailed from episode 32 to the end. Perhaps that experience launched the real him.

Raita Ooshi- He was revealed to have a playboy side. However there has been no indication he was once irresponsible like Guy Yuki was in the past.

Kaori Rokumekan- She revealed a real spoiled brat attitude which wasn't manifested when she tried to leave the team at first. It would be natural for it to happen because she was raised the sole heiress of her family so a huge amount of this negative trait must have been suppressed.

Ako Hayasaka- She revealed her overly sympathetic side. This was again seen when she saw how evil most of humanity is by being wasteful in episode 21 although not at a huge extent.