Liveman Given Tribute by Later Sentai

Despite Liveman's rather bland finale, the series did merit itself some tributes in later series such as:
Students with an attitude in Turboranger. However the Turborangers were high school students.
I think the Jetmen suits were inspired by Red Falcon's suit. Notice the red, blue and yellow are somewhat parallel to the red, blue and yellow of Liveman in terms of gender.
The Zyurangers' Howling Cannon resembles Liveman's Triple Bazooka.
Call me crazy but I find Hurricanger is a tribute to Liveman in almost every way (but loosely) where the theme seems to revolve around growing up students facing maturity, the 3+2 formula (later a sixth member was added) and so on.
Go-onger was somewhat another Liveman "clone" and a light-hearted one. The color coding of the first five are similar except blue is male and yellow is female.