Morio Makino: The Adventurer Scientist

Morio Makino... what can I say? Thinking about it, he's one to be portrayed to be frequently with enthusiasm. That is, he began to build different machines even before the Boukengers really had more serious foes. Hmmm perhaps the number of times that the Earth gets attacked by enemy forces and that the number of enchanted objects are around the world convinced him to form the Boukenger team.

So what's next? He began to think about designing more vehicles for different situations. The best he did for the original five members was the Gou Gou Jet which he created the massive Ultimate Daibouken out from the ten engines. Not satisfied, he sought a new adventure that led to the creation of the Siren Builder and the Bouken Silver transformation device- which inevitably went to Eiji Takaoka

Perhaps his greatest invention was the Gou Gou Voyager which was my favorite robot of all the series. He ended up revealing his gift of disguise that at one point he disguised as Satoru Akashi during the head of god mission and in the end of the series, he disguised as Sakura Nishihori as she left for space.