Sentai Teams Using Advanced Technology and Supernatural Powers

Super Sentai powers were usually like this- divided between advanced technology and supernatural powers (even the mecha are purely mystical in that aspect). However some Super Sentai series are unique for combining both technological and supernatural powers in their fight against evil. I'd like to list them that do so:
I think Changeman is the first to combine both technology and mysticism. Earth Force seems to be beyond scientific explanation if it ever exists. However the Gozma only used technology against them.
Maskman combines the power of chi into their machines which are built scientifically. Hmmm I wonder how the machines last long? The Tube Empire combines both technology and the supernatural like they do.
The Turborangers use the power of Seelon's magic and the genius of Dr. Dazai. The mecha is purely technological at first though.
The Carrangers like the Turborangers had the same type of concept. Dappu gave them their powers by supernatural means but they fight by technological means.
The Hurricangers is more than science sentai- it combines the fictitious ninja powers with technology. I call it "ninja science".
The Boukengers used mystical items in the creation of their engines. For example, the Defender Vest uses the mystical Salamander's scale. The Negative Syndicate are likewise the same too.