Visual References in Boukenger with Other Sentai and Tokusatsu

Time for an ice-breaker I assume. :-P

Anyway I was thinking some Boukenger has some references to other Sentai and other Tokusatsu aside from the mecha. :-P

The Boukenger suits remind me of the Turboranger suits in some in terms of helmet design. Inspired? Hmmm even Gogo V reminds me of Fiveman.

The Gordom Heart is somewhat referential to the "Creation King" of Kamen Rider Black.

Gaja by the shadow reminds of the Black Cross Fuehrer which was WAY BACK 29 sentai series before. Hmmm I guess it's just appropriate since Boukenger like Timeranger and Turboranger honor their predecessors in the past.

Just as Ryuon reminds me of Zyuranger's Daizyujin but the clip above reminds of Captain Garoa of Fiveman for some reason. Junpei Morita almost looks like the actor who plays Captain Garoa in Fiveman. Also I think Ryuon sounds like Garoa.

For some reason, I think his body has a body armor loosely designed from Kaura of Flashman.

Dark Shadow's Shizuka for me is kind of a cross of Fuumin of Maskman and Farrah Cat of Bioman.

Kawazugami reminds me of Frogkans from Bioman.

The Great Evil Dragon Girado resembles Messerjuu in Bioman for me.

Somehow Magi reminds me of that cameo appearance in Jetman episode 29 of a
dying old man. Are they acted by the same person?

The Ashu Mirror is somewhat referential to Mirror Bouma in Turboranger. Also the idea of using blood to unlock the demons in it is referential to Jetman.

The Questers' suits remind me also of the time in Bioman when Yatori was forced to become evil by the New Empire Gear's Farrah to become a Nega-Magnetic Soldier.

The appearance of Bouken Silver reminds me of Gavan. Too bad Kenji Ohba didn't play the part of Morio Makino although Hiroshi Watari acted as his father.

Natsuki Mamiya's parents remind me of the Bersudians of Jetman.

Ouga is visually almost looking like Rouki of Gaoranger.

The Homonculus somewhat reminds me of Dora Fake in Zyuranger and Metal Megas in Bioman.

Gekko's demon bird form reminds me much of some Kamen Rider kaijin I saw more than it reminds me of Jet Garuda.

Desperado (the final monster of the week) reminds me of the Meteorite BEM in Jetman.


  1. I do agree that Shizuka is a cross of Fuumin and Farrah Cat. But she' more comical and have less action scenes. Plus she doesn't have an established rivalry among the heroines, although she is often seen fighting either Sakura or Souta (although Souta-san is a guy).


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