After Shinkenger It's Goseiger

I managed to find this picture from
Anyway Shinkenger is really closing to an end with this official picture of Goseiger which will be the 34th entry. What do I think? This picture almost reminds me of the good old 80s sentai Goggle V except there are two females now.

As for me, well Super Sentai does have its own for better, for worse scenarios- in fact some newer sentai get better than older sentai and sometimes the opposite happens. However I can't help but think of Takumi Hirose's current view on Super Sentai too. Where is Goseiger heading? Where is Super Sentai heading? Only time will tell.

Where is Goseiger heading to as Shinkenger is coming to an end?


  1. I dunno why, but it reminds me of Dairanger.

  2. I think, it's better to view sentai as one big family, rather than dividing it between old and new. I'm going to gladly welcome Goseiger to the sentai family. :)

  3. The suit remind me about Zyuranger. While the animals remind me about Dairanger.


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