It's December

Well it's December. Hee hee. Well it's time for Christmas, a Western religious holiday that's usually more viewed as a romantic day instead in some countries with some Western influence. It's really a time when people get together for some time to relax and a time for villains to double their efforts. The same goes for New Year too.

Sideline- honestly speaking I can't help but think of my bitter past when I was courting that girl that looked like Sayuri Uchida when I was in High School. It was really a bitter time for me, I really wanted to spend Christmas with her and later, she found somebody. Anyway back to my point.

Strange to say, while in America the holiday of Christmas is more observed than in Japan, I wonder why there are more Christmas episodes in Sentai than there is in Power Rangers? Maybe the Japanese want to focus on reviving old family values of staying together especially cherishing the most special moments.

Also what's in store? Well perhaps you forgot but it's also time for one big event: the marriage of Kishi Yuuji and Mika Kikuchi is upcoming this December 4, 2009 at the Tokyo Dome Hotel. However some marriages did end up in divorce like Mika Katsumara's marriage to Yusuke Tomoi- it ended in divorce :-(.