Some Boukenger Casts Cosplaying Photos

Remembering the Boukenger 30 encyclopedia, I found some of these pictures to remember the fun moments in Boukenger.
The Boukengers in Turborangers' school uniforms. Somehow I think their suits resemble the Turborangers in some way.
They really look great in Chinese outfits especially the women.
In the Megarangers' school uniforms. Loved how Eiji Takaoka gets mad here.
Sadly only Satoru Akashi dresses up in the Timeranger outfit.
In their Gaoranger costumes. Honestly speaking, Natsuki Mamiya is reminding me of the last best PR season's Taylor since the Wild Force conversion had the male to female yellow ranger conversion.
The Hurricanger (correction :P) in ninja outfits is cool also. Seeing Natsuki Mamiya and Souta Megumi swap colors is cool.
The Magiranger outfit. Strange how Souta Megumi becomes the green ranger and Inou Masumi becomes the yellow ranger in the cosplay.


  1. Uh, the ninja outfits in the picture are from Hurricanger, not Kakuranger.


  2. I made a mistake. Hee hee. Done the corrections already. :P

  3. I think there's a reason why Souta wears green and Masumi wears yellow in the Magiranger bit.

    It's because Souta is older than Masumi.

    That's my view, at least.

  4. as the 30th sentai, they were so lucky to have a chance to review the other 29 senpaitachi.

  5. oh yeah, you said sadly that only satoru akashi wore timeranger outfit, what did you mean? i think someone will misunderstand that the girl didn't wear it and couldn't see their body feature, what a pity

  6. I was expecting them all to wear the outfit.


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