Toshihide Wakamatsu in J-Drama

Actually it seems Toshihide Wakamatsu may have stopped doing action packed films- after Jetman he's among a few Sentai hero characters who also played villainous parts but in his case NOT in any Tokusatsu. Here's a rather cool picture I found on the Internet. I'm glad he didn't age fast compared to some tokusatsu actors take Tetsuo Kurata of Kamen Rider Black RX for instance.


  1. That's really awesome. Nice find! ^_^

  2. @ sean

    what drama is this? Can you tell me.. I wanna watch it.. Thanks

  3. i just finish watch the jetman again for after 10 years i have stop watch jetman.. but now i realise why he suppose to die in the end? not fair!



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