Two Kotaro Tanakas

So far it has come to my attention (and should have) that there are TWO actors who are named Kotaro Tanaka. Each one however played vastly different roles.
Kotaro Tanaka of Jetman played the main hero Red Hawk- who was somewhat the "typical red ranger" like most of his predecessors. So far, it seems he has retired from the entertainment industry. Can anybody confirm who he really married because some people said he married Sayuri Uchida or that he married some other woman also named Rika Kishida but not the Jetman actress?
Kotaro Tanaka of Abaranger was Abarewhite- a villain turned hero in the end. He was born on December 13, 1982 making him three years my senior. Lately he has done more action movies than Kotaro Tanaka of Jetman. Alternatively, I've seen his name spelled as Koutaro Tanaka to avoid confusion with the Jetman actor.

How I wish I had their middle initials or something to avoid confusion.


  1. O.O I always wondered why the Japanese don't have a variety of names like the Americans do. But I'd choose Red Hawk over AbareKiller anyday.

  2. 2 Kotaro Tanakas??????????? No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...................


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