Attractive Sentai Cast Members and Their Characters

The fact is somehow face value is an important aspect in Sentai in some cases. Why? Well, a pretty face does make a convincing villain or an attractive lead- provided of course, they can act too but nobody's perfect. Ha ha.
I think the use of a handsome ranger would portray a knight in shining armor or just to add female audiences to the show. I remembered how a female cousin of mine found him handsome.
In some cases a handy dandy playboy. Toshihide Wakamatsu gave that impression well. This seems to give the warning good looking guys can be dangerous too.
Pretty heroines communicate the message, "Don't let a pretty face fool you." Most of them were pictured to be witty and not so strong.
As for some (and rarely) pretty characters meant to portray airheads. Think about MGM movies with Goldie Hawn playing as airhead characters.
Hot female villains address the theme, "Evil can come with a pretty face."
Also some male villains were handsome and had good charisma to fool women. It's more convincing with their appearance anyway. Smooth-talking male villains with good looks helps intensify the drama.

Being a straight male, I'd like to present the following relevant articles too:

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