Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day Together for 2010

Yup this year the Chinese New Year is coming with Valentine's Day AT THE SAME TIME. Hopefully I will be able to get my own Jasmine flower soon. So far we'll be having...
Welcoming the year of the tiger with the pervert Kibaranger.
Just be careful though that the Feng Shui compass board doesn't get you.
A look at Chinese culture as a means to liven up Sentai which is of Japanese culture.
Ah of course the Gekirangers are included because they focus more on Chinese martial arts.
There will be a lot of romances easy and uneasy alike...
Some people will be broken hearted as well...
It's time for a lot of songs from the Dekagirls.
It's time for couples to respect their vows of marriage and NEVER separate...
Even the bad guys have a date too. Ha ha ha.
Even hate lovers will fall in love like Jarmin and Zimba.
And of course, perhaps another day of family bonding for singles.
And hopefully to find my ideal girl...


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