Extra Ranger Prototypes?

The fact is I can't help but think certain characters in Super Sentai in the past prior to the official (and at times a non-ranger becomes a "ranger" too) are prototype extra rangers. Here they are:
Bioman had a "sixth ranger" for two episodes that was Yatori who had a crush on Jun/Yellow 4 2. He attempted to join the Biomen but apparently he wasn't a descendant of the original five so he couldn't join. Farrah and Farrah Cat deceived him into becoming a nega-magnetic soldier but was foiled. The bands that controlled his powers were too exposed. He tried to ask Jun to marry him but failed. :-P
In Changeman, it was revealed that Commander Ibuki had superpowers towards the end of the series, probably an inspiration for Doggie Kruger in Dekaranger. Both are baddass commanders.

In episode 39, the Maskmen meet a prototype Maskman in X-1 Mask (but his costume was way too different). He somewhat inspired the creation of Burai in Zyuranger. He had a tragic story where he had a girlfriend he lost to Tube so he wasn't included in the Maskman team as he left without a trace. He ended up helping the Maskmen but lost his powers in the process.

Last but not the least there was Dan of Jetman who was acted by Hideki Fujiwara who would later act in the next series as Dan of Zyuranger. He developed a crush on Ako but his comedy would soon turn into tragedy. He showed this ability to morph but he was stabbed by Radiguet's sword to his demise after his teammates Rei and Kanna died.


  1. Lovely I didnt know about Yatori. His suit looks interesting. Have any more pics?!

  2. Some of the extra rangers remind me of Kamen Riders. lol :D

  3. If i am not mistaken, X-1 Mask was created as a tribute to the return of the Kamen Rider franchise on television after seven years since Kamen Rider Super-1. If you notice, X-1 Mask's costumes resembles the Showa Era Kamen Riders.

  4. Actually, X-1 Mask was a prototype outfit for the show. The designers wanted to return to Battle Fever J's full face helmets, but it was rejected in favor of the design from the show. Gives a whole new meaning to "prototype Maskman", doesn't it?

  5. Wish that X-1 Mask and Yatori would have cameo in Gokaiger. Something that has something to do with Gai...


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