Finished Poll Results for 2010

I've put some long-term polls as of last year and they were the following. So here's a rundown:
Who's the hotter Takeru? Most of my visitors voted for Shinken Red over Red Mask. Shinken Red got 161 votes while Red Mask only got 42 votes.
The Decade-Shinkenger crossover had the following votes: 135 votes for awesome, 71 votes for good and 18 votes for awful.
Who do you want Takeru to end up with? Mako got 177 votes and Kotoha 91 votes.
Do you want Shinkengers to have a Power Rangers version? Most said no with a good support of 181 votes while 98 votes said yes.


  1. As a straight guy, I will admit Takeru is better-looking compared to the rest of the guys on his team.


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