Go-onger Gets Underrated?

Honestly speaking, I feel like that Go-onger got underrated. Even I myself didn't like it as much and Gekiranger before it was way too awesome than this in my opinion. However I found out that Go-onger has been underrated mostly by Western audiences.

When Power Rangers RPM came out, it was somewhat appreciated by the American audience because it had a storyline darker than Go-onger. While Go-onger was about saving Braneworlds from the Gaiarc (seriousness develops along the way), Power Rangers RPM has an Earth where it's almost taken over by the enemy force. RPM got good reviews with its more serious feel, no surprise Judd Lynn wrote the script but if Saban were in charge, I don't think Gem and Gemma would be portrayed like they are- instead they'll be exaggeratingly tough in fighting. However they were presented as weird geniuses.

However darker doesn't mean better- for example some darker series are just way "too dark" for me like how I didn't like Abaranger and preferred Zyuranger (but that's subject to my opinion) for not being so dark. Darker means more dramatic or intense but when something gets too serious, I can compare it to adding too much salt to the dish that the flavor is ruined.

Go-onger wasn't all nonsense either. In fact, the show had its own dramatic moments despite all the humor in it like Carranger. The series itself showed also the human side of villains rather than being "too evil" or in another side, the closing episodes were kind of dramatic to how it had the "apocalyptic" feel where all hope is lost, an Earth about to be shambled into ruins showing that it wasn't really meant to be slapstick either.


  1. Isn't "dark" and "serious" two different things? Like isn't "dark" when the feeling of a show is dramatic or heavy? For example like Carranger's scenes with Kyousuke and Zonette. Wouldn't that be a "dark comedy"?

    Anyway, interesting analysis. I personally am still not too sure about what to think about Go-onger. I'll probably rewatch it.

  2. true. IF SABAN had made RPM I would not have hated gem and gemma. The moment I saw those two online as the cast I knew disney was up to something.

    I liked Go-onger. Mostly for the cast. I cant wait for the teamup movie

  3. To X- Go-onger has a team-up movie with Shinkenger.

  4. IMO, RPM was WAY better than Go-Onger.

    But I'd still choose Go-Onger over Shinkenger any day.

  5. I tend to prefer Go-Onger over Power Rangers RPM, because the Sentient Engines seem like they were inspired by Thomas & Friends and was light-hearted, I tend to dislike Power Rangers RPM because it smashed any chance of Go-Onger receiving popularity, it's darker tones, and no talking Sentient Engines (I think the reason for that was to avoid competing with Thomas & Friends). I felt Go-Onger should have come to the United Kingdom (where I think should receive popularity) instead of receiving that godawful Power Rangers RPM


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